Howard Chaykin


Howard Chaykin is a longtime veteran of the comic book business, serving as an artist and writer for nearly every publisher of comics in the past four decades...and counting.  He took the '90s off to work on mostly unwatchable television, so he missed the money and dreck that was comics in that execrable decade.    He is responsible, some might say culpable, for introducing a number of previously unexplored themes to comic books.  If you're not hip to what that's supposed to mean, there's always Wikipedia.

Chaykin is generally better regarded by his colleagues than by the enthusiasts, a reality that serves his ego but not his wallet.  Thanks to the above mentioned unwatchable television, he's usually okay with that.

These days, he's on a tear about the inexplicable Alpha position maintained by comic book writers at the expense of comic book artists, working on educating those aforementioned enthusiasts as to just what writing really means in the context of this curious visual medium.

He lives a quiet life on the California coast, hoping to dodge any imminent tsunamis so he can live long enough to die in bed, without ever lapsing into the cute old age so currently popular on movie and television screens.

Roland Boschi

Photo by Lucy Orchard

Roland is a superb artist from France and has been working on many Marvel characters since 2003, including Wolverine (with Jason Starr) Punisher, Ghost Rider and The Winter Soldier (with Rick Remender).

He has also worked on the "Fear Itself" series for Marvel plus X-men and Wolverine: Xmen Alpha Omega.
His action packed style and ability to hit deadlines has made Boschi the go to artist for Marvel for many of their top titles and we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming him to Shrewsbury in July to meet his UK fans.

His latest project is working with legendary writer Warren Ellis on the superb new Karnak series from Marvel.

Roland is now accepting advanced orders for commissions for the festival via his website at: http://www.rolandboschi.com/

Goran Parlov

Goran Parlov graduated from the Art Academy in Zagreb, Croatia in 1991 and soon moved to Italy where he began drawing comics professionally in the early 90s.


His first published work was in the Ken Parker Magazine, where he drew an episode of the regular series and a short story, written by Giancarlo Berardi. In 1993 Parlov joined Bonelli, where he started out illustrating the Nick Raider series, and later moved on to the Magico Vento.


In the early 00s he began working for the American market, first at Vertigo (where he finished Jamie Delano's Outlaw Nation series for Goran Sudžuka and did a fill-in arc at Y: The Last Man).

His career then took another step forward when he started working regularly at Marvel Comics working with top writer Garth Ennis on The Punisher and then the superb Fury mini series.

This was followed by a host of top assignments in the American market, most notably working with Mark Millar on the acclaimed Starlight limited series.

After living and working in Milan for almost a decade he moved back to Zagreb where he now resides.


John Wagner



John’s career in comics began in the late 60s as a member of the editorial staff with D. C. Thomson & Co. before becoming a freelance writer and a staff editor at IPC in the 70s


In that decade he wrote an immeasurable amount of material and established himself as a highly sought after and talented writer. Most well known for the creation of the iconic Judge Dredd along with artist Carlos Ezquerra, Wagner also created other great characters like Strondium Dog and Robo Hunter for 2000ad.


In the 80s he also worked alongside fellow writer Alan Grant on Detective Comics penning some of the most memorable Batman stories of that era. His stand alone graphic novel “A History of Violence” was adapted into a film by maverick director David Cronenberg with an award wining screenplay by Josh Olsen.

David Baillie


David is a talented writer and artist from Scotland who began his comics career self publishing in the British small press scene in the late 90s. His unique voice and his hard work were soon noticed by the larger publishers however and he has worked on the Judge Dredd Megazine and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 


His screenwriting has been nominated for a BAFTA/Rocliffe Award and shortlisted for the hotly-contested Red Planet Prize and the BBC Scotland Writes Drama Competition. He has also worked with the prestigious Ragdoll Productions.


David is currently working on his own ongoing hit series for Vertigo Comics in America called Red Thorn with artist Meghan Hetrick.

Dan Berry


Dan Berry is a local comic creator, illustrator and educator.

He teaches comics at the North Wales School of Art & Design at Glyndwr University. The act of drawing pleases him. He travels a lot giving lectures and workshops on comics all over the place and he will - of course be contributing to the Shrewsbury Festival with a great workshop for artists.He runs a podcast called Make It Then Tell Everybody in which he talks to other artists about what they do and how they do it.

His book, The Suitcase is out now from Blank Slate Books. Dan sits on the board of trustees of Oriel Davies, Newtown.

Doug Braithwaite

Doug Braithwaite is an incredibly skilled and versatile comic artist who has worked for all of the major comic publishers including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse and Valiant. Doug began his career however at the tender age of 17 working for Marvel UK’s Action Force series and various  2000ad characters including Tyranny Rex, Rogue Trooper and of course Judge Dredd.

It wasn’t long though, before the big American publishers came a calling to snap up this young British artist. He achieved great acclaim while working for Marvel DC Comics on characters like Captain America, Punisher, Doom Patrol, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Batman. However it was his partnership with legendary artist Alex Ross in 2007 that really highlighted what he was capable of with fans.

His incredible grasp of human anatomy and impeccable storytelling combined with the beautiful painting of Ross to create the critically acclaimed Justice series with writer Jim Krueger.

Doug was now a super star and much sought after artist. He signed an exclusive contract with Marvel in 2009 and worked on some of their top characters including Thor and X-Men.

In 2013, along with veteran writer David Hine he also co created the superb Stormdogs series published by Image Comics to yet further acclaim

His art can currently be seen on the Valiant title Imperium where he is breaking new ground with writer Joshua Dysart.


The elusive Brox makes few public appearances, but  frequents many public houses.


The artist and designer (formerly know as Jimmy Broxton) has worked for DC, IDW, Jet City Comics, Cryptozoic, Dark Horse, Paper Films and most recently Rebellion.


He has been nominated for two Hugo Awards, and surprisingly received no calls for a boycott, unsurprisingly he received no awards either. 


His latest book: “Goldtiger” is to be released by Rebellion any day now, if not last week, an account of the creation of the lost 60s classic newspaper strip of the same name, co-authored by Guy Adams.


He is currently working on a number of secretive creator owned projects that will see the light of day soon, Brox alas, probably won’t
Andy Diggle

A British comic-book writer and former editor of 2000AD Andy’s most recent projects include THIEF OF THIEVES with Robert Kirkman at Skybound, UNCANNY and CONTROL at Dynamite, CAPTAIN AMERICA: LIVING LEGEND at Marvel, DOCTOR WHO at IDW Comics, and the creator-owned thriller SNAPSHOT with long time collaborator Jock.

Andy and Jock are best known for creating the Vertigo thriller THE LOSERS, which was adapted into a 2010 feature film starring Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba, and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE, which inspired the hit TV show ARROW.

Andy’s previous work includes the FBI thriller RAT CATCHER for Vertigo Crime; BATMAN, HELLBLAZER, SWAMP THING and ADAM STRANGE for DC Comics/Vertigo; DAREDEVIL, SHADOWLAND, THUNDERBOLTS, DARK REIGN: HAWKEYE and SIX GUNS for Marvel; Guy Ritchie’s GAMEKEEPER for Virgin Comics; BIONIC COMMANDO for Capcom; LENNY ZERO and SNOW/TIGER for 2000AD; and the epic sci-fi action thriller SILENT DRAGON with superstar artist Leinil Yu.

Barry Kitson

Barry Kitson has been a professional illustrator since the 1980’s and has drawn most of the flagship characters of both DC and Marvel comics. His first published work was for Marvel UK drawing both  Spider-man and Transformers.

He later worked on Britain’s most popular comic of the time,  2000AD ,drawing both Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson before hopping the pond to the USA to work for DC Comics for whom he drew, The Adventures of Superman, Batman, Justice League of America Year One, Azrael, The Flash, Teen Titans, The Brave & the Bold and The Legion of Super-heroes.

Subsequently Barry’s work has been seen at Marvel Comics where he has drawn many of their most iconic characters including The Amazing Spider-man, The Fantastic Four, Avengers, The Order, X-Men, The Invaders,  Iron Man: Public Identity, The Incredible Hulk, and The Mighty Thor.  He has also worked at Valiant on Harbinger and Bloodshot.

Currently Barry is delighted to have renewed his working partnership with Mark Waid at IDW returning to their acclaimed creator-owned series Empire: Uprising – which is also available as a digital comic from Thrillbent.com. He is also enjoying working once again on Judge Dredd after a break of more than two decades.

Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin is a leading musical theatre actress and known to cult tv fans for her role as Mags in "Doctor Who". She has also become a writer and illustrator of comics and graphic novels. Her first published work was a one page story, " Passing Thoughts" illustrated by her mentor, DC / Vertigo artist Mark Buckingham for the Thought Bubble anthology 2013. She also launched her first self-published comic, "It Girl" about silent film actress Clara Bow at Thought Bubble 2013 and “Vivacity”about Vivien Leigh in 2014.
Since then she has enjoyed great success in her particular niche, character driven stories, real and fictional, set in the golden age of Hollywood.
Her first graphic novel, "Elsie Harris Picture Palace" was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel prize in 2014 and published in 2015 by Miwk publications. She also worked on the SFX Krak anthology for Vertigo.
Recent accolades include being shortlisted for Broken Frontier's Breakout Talent 2015 and selected for the Breakout Talent guest list at Glasgow Comic Con 2016.
A comic about film star Rita Hayworth is in progress. Her next graphic novel is literally waiting in the wings.....
John McCrea


John McCrea has been drawing comics for 27 years ( his most famous work is Hitman for DC ) and has recently worked on  Deadpool for Marvel , Batman, Catwoman, Plastic Man and Section 8 with Garth Ennis for DC and  Judge Dredd for 2000ad.

He is drawing a new creator owned book for Image called Mythic with Phil Hester, the first trade paper back of which is out now, so make sure you bring your;s to be signed at the festival!

 Websites: www.johnmccrea.com       www.mythiccomic.com   

Blog: http://www.johnmccrea.com/news.html

Twitter: @mccreaman

By the way, John is the one on the left :-)


Leah Moore

With Electricomics

Leah Moore has edited and managed the project.  She is also still writing with her husband John Reppion, most recently for The Judge Dredd Megazine on Black Shuck with Steve Yeowell and Storm Warning with Tom Foster

Electricomics is a Self Publishing Solution for Digital Comics. The Electricomics Project has been about pushing digital comics forward creatively, and using 'digital native' storytelling and interaction, but its not just beautiful comics that they are passionate about. They want creators to have control of their art, and their income, and where possible, they keep their code Open Source .

Robbie Morrison Photo by Deb Tate LOCAL GUEST


Originally a writer from Scotland Robbie Morrison now lives here in Shrewsbury and has helped to make the town "The Unofficial Comics Capital of the UK" as the BBC once put it on their website.

Most well known for the long running 2000ad Classic serial Nikolai Dante, Robbie has also worked on The Authority, Batman and Wildcats. He also collaborated with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard on the stunning Graphic Novel White Death.

He is currently working on the latest instalments of the Doctor Who monthly comic for Titan Comics with artist Rachael Stott.

Lew Stringer

Lew sold his first professional cartoons in 1983 and has been a full time freelance comic artist & writer since 1984. During that time he’s worked for many publishers such as IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini, D.C. Thomson, Image Comics, and more, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties.

He’s produced strips for numerous publications including VIZTHE BEANO; BUSTEROINK!FUN-SIZE DANDYELEPHANTMENFUN-SIZE BEANOSONIC THE COMICWHITE DWARFGHOSTBUSTERSTRANSFORMERS, and national newspapers DAILY STAR and SUNDAY SPORT. Lew’s also written articles on the history of comics for publications such as 2000 ADTHE COMICS JOURNAL, COMIC HEROES, and the BBC website.

Lew has since self published collections his his famous Brickman strips and signed copies will be available from the creator at the Festival.

Dave Taylor


Touring rock drummer turned comic book creator Dave Taylor has worked on many mainstream books with many highly respected writers including Batman with Matt Wagner, Alan Grant, Karl Kesel and Chip Kidd, Judge Dredd with John Wagner, Alan Grant, Robbie Morrison and Ian Edginton, Arzak with Jean Moebius Giraud and Prophet with Brandon Graham. 

His Batman: Death by Design, with Chip Kidd, is a New York Times best seller...twice!

Taylor has also contributed design work for computer games, TV and Film. 

In 2015 he was artist on the first Doctor Who comic book to feature the new Doctor, Pater Capaldi, written by Robbie Morrison
Dylan Teague


Dylan Teague  is a popular comic artist from Wales who has worked as an artist and colourist on covers and strips for 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, as well as Doctor Who Magazine for Panini

He's also worked for American publishers DC Comics drawing Batman.

One of the hardest working artists in the UK, he can be seen at many conventions throughout the year and always astonishes fans with his incredible sketches and commissions.

Phil Winslade


As well as being an absolute legend on the guitar Phil is one of the UK's most gifted and sought after comic artists.

He has worked for all the major publishers including DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse and Rebellion on characters like Daredevil, Valkyrie, Batman, The Haunted Tank and the creator owned fantasy western Kings Road with writer Peter Hogan.

His work with writer Dan Abnett on the Lawless strip in the Judge Dredd Megazine met with critical acclaim last year.

Fans are always treated to stunning sketches and commissions by the artist at his convention appearances and Shrewsbury will be no exception.