Myebook - FRONTLINE ONLINE CATALOGUE - click here to open my ebook Frontline is Smallzone's online listings catalogue, containing a wide selection of self published and independent comics and graphic novels for sale to the direct market and other UK booksellers offering full wholesale discount to all traders.
For retailers
If you would like to order your comics online, or you'd like to find out more about smallzone distribution including discount structure and services go to and click on "Wholesale"

Or just browse our online catalogue. The Frontline Online Catalogue is a work in progress and many titles are being added every day, as well as more links to publishers' own ebooks.

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For Publishers

A listing in Frontline is now free to all Smallzone Ruby Rate Publishers who publish to a professional standard. We only advertise comics already published or comics about to be printed that will be available within the next three months.

We only list One Shot Comic Books, and Specials, Graphic Novels, Trade Paperback and serial Graphic Novels in the online catalogue.

Serial Comic books will be listed on the main smallzone website and will be available to retailers at 40% discount for order of 3 or more.

Your listing consists of a full preview of your titles, and can include a virtual online e-book,  video promotion, creator bios, anything at all really. This gives your titles full exposure to both readers and retailers. The more info and art you give us, the more we can feature in your listing.

If you are interested in a listing, please complete a Catalogue Listing Form  or email me all the details required on the form for each title. I will then email you to confirm your requirements. Please take the time to study how the listings are formatted to help us process your listings quickly and easily.

You may also be interested in taking part in the development of the catalogue and other smallzone service by joining our yahoo email group "smallzoners" here: Click to join smallzoners

For US publishers, there are details of discounted shipping as well as details of a forwarding address at:

To find out more about getting your publications listed visit our faq page at:



There are no deadlines for submitting titles for a listing as the online files are constantly updated. However, each listing must include your earliest shipping dates, when the title will be available for sale. Also you must ensure all titles are available by those dates and allow up to 3 weeks for overseas shipping and 7 working days for inland UK delivery.


For comics fans

If you'd like to find out more about the diverse world of self published comics, visit the main smallzone website at: and join our online Indy Comics community at:

Also speak to your retailer about them stocking the comics you like and let them know about smallzone.

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For budding creators

If you are an artist or writer, looking for somewhere to showcase your work, visit our publishing imprint at:


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